12 September 2014

Review about "JIRA 6.x Administration Cookbook"

Today I would like to write some lines about the most recent book on JIRA administration which is called JIRA 6.x Administration Cookbook by Packt Publishing.
Besides my professional experience with JIRA as well as several Atlassian and 3rd party trainings, I was curious on what additional in-depth knowledge this book could offer me to support my day-to-day work as a JIRA Consultant. I can absolutely say, the book certainly delivered!

JIRA, a software that has its roots in the software development and the bug tracking has a growing popularity even outside of those industries. The fact that JIRA is more like a very versatile framework than a static standard software for managing issues becomes clear once more in this book.

The author doesn't limit himself to providing a plain guide that only states the obvious ways of customizations which the user interface offers, but brings in his years of experience to deliver a full-fledged administration guide with extraordinary depth: Apart from general things like the installation, setting up own issue-types, workflows, field configurations et al. he picks up minor usability issues and provides practical solutions in form of Velocity-, Groovy- or JavaScript-Code to adjust the appearance, automatize field input or run content checks in screens among others. Still this book isn't only dedicated to "hardcore" admins either, as even starters will learn a lot on best practices before or even during setting up and getting familiar with their first JIRA instance which might grow to a company-wide software in no time.

This makes it - for me - the best book on JIRA administration and certainly a good read for any JIRA administrator expert or not.

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